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Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.

Promotional Chocolate | Branded Chocolate | Personalised Chocolate Gifts

Request a complimentary sample of chocolate with your company's message. Simply click the add to cart button below to cover postage cost.


Did you know the UK houses the second largest chocolate consumer group in Europe with the average Brit spending £72 a year on chocolate? Your marketing couldn't be better targeted when you use personalised chocolate. If your company attends trade shows, conferences or fairs be sure your stand will be flooded with visitors which will be a great opportunity to have a chat with your target market.

You can surprise your customers with token personalised chocolate bars in their orders. This will endear them to you. In addition, referrals and return purchases will be guaranteed.

If you run a hotel or bed and breakfast, personalised chocolate makes a highly affordable welcome gift for your guests. The present state of the economy means guests are looking for value added in any competitive market.To stay ahead of the competition in this economy, your hotel or bed and breakfast has to provide service in a way that distinguishes it from all others. A personalised chocolate gift has the potential not only to guarantee a repeat visit but also ensure recommendations to friends and family. This is really what you need.

Experienced event planners organising conferences, networking events or fund-raising dinners understand the power of personalised chocolates at any gathering. The feel good effect of Serotonin in chocolate puts guests in the right mood to converse, share and feel at ease. And if you decide to choose dark chocolates which we stock in various sizes and Fair trade, organic and non-organic varieties you've chosen a gift with a dual function since dark chocolate has so many health benefits.

Power networkers know it's important to be unique when networking so you stay top of mind at decision making time. To stand out from the crowd and stay remembered they use chocolate instead of business cards. Network uniquely with style - have your own business chocolate cards created for you. Your contacts will not forget in you a hurry or better still their kids :)

Break the ice with potential clients by sending them a box of chocolate truffles. Read our article below on how to speed up decision making with chocolates.

If you're looking to promote your business online, offering chocolates as an incentive or running a competition where chocolates are the prize can be very rewarding. Using chocolates as a marketing tool is not new but it has been proven to be very effective. It's quite simply using them in an innovative way.

So why not contact us today or call 02032862243 for a free no-obligation design (subject to copyright)? Let's brainstorm on how to make chocolates work for your business.


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