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Category: Personalised Chocolates

  1. Artisan Easter Chocolate Eggs

    Posted on

    Handmade Organic Personalised Easter Chocolate Egg

    This Easter, you will be pleased to know you can order a chocolate egg that is not just full of sugar and preservatives. Sometimes, you want something a bit more special. You might be trying to teach your kids to discern better chocolate. Chocolate that is created with care by someone with a flair for it not just a machine churning out hundreds per minute.

    Certainly this is not a snotty post to junk all other Easter eggs but if you are after a luxurious taste this Easter, something different or if you're tending towards trying out artisan made stuff, then this chocolate egg is definitely what you're looking for. It's handmade using fairtrade organic chocolate locally in Surrey. It's like when you walk into the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread. You've always bought branded bread but can't just resist the smell of the freshly baked ones. Or maybe it just hits you that all the branded loaves have travelled so many miles and you've got your ethical suit on so will go for one baked in store.

    Whatever it is that is drawing you away from the standard supermarket Easter egg can do so because you've found a good alternative. It weighs 125g and is not hollow. It's solid chocolate that you can melt safely and use confidently for some baking. At least this Easter you can do something a little special for yourself.

  2. 5 Steps to Creating Awesome Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours

    Posted on

    Coral Pink Chocolate Favours

    First of all, because personalised chocolate favours are not on the high street, you can rest assured that your wedding guests will be in awe. However, this big day is firstly about you. 

    So, it's important that you are also impressed by the favours. 

    Whether or not you order from here, bear in mind the following steps to ensure that you create that wow factor you're after:

    1) Coordintate the design with an aspect of your wedding: You might not want all the stress of choosing a colour pallette or even a theme. However, if your wedding is taking place in Canada, how about putting a picture of the Niagara Falls on the chocolates?

    2) Make your favours do some hard work: Don't just leave them lying around. How about welcoming guests with a bar of chocolate if you're having a destination wedding? Alternatively, you can use them as escort cards, put the menu on them or even use them as thank you cards. A good thank you card idea once your photos are ready, is to send one of yourselves and the guests on chocolate to appreciate them.

    Another idea is to use them as invitations instead. How about a Save the Date chocolate bar?

    3) Presentation counts: Put them in a lovely organza bag or request a personalised gift box. The way you present your chocolate favours speaks volumes about their value and what you think of your guests as well. So, don't skimp on presentation. You don't need to spend a fortune either. Simply buying a preloved glass bowl you can put them in will make such a difference.

    4) Have more than enough: You want all your guests to be happy? Make sure there's enough of every thing. Choose a smaller bar of chocolate if it means you can buy enough and more for everyone. If a certain guest can't make it then it's a lovely token to send. The wrapper also makes a lovely piece of memorabilia to keep. You can also keep the chocolate if you can resist.

    5) Enjoy the process: Have fun. Don't limit yourself in any way. Free your imagination. Ask for what you really want. Even if you don't think it's possible still ask. Remember that your wedding is one day, your marriage is forever. Don't get hung up at all on this aspect. It's really hard to mess up wedding favours.