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Category: Shop Review

  1. Handmade You Can Relate To

    Posted on

    I loved Amanda's site the moment I landed there. She has a very welcoming photo of herself and won't be surprised if she has a very loyal male customer base. Her products are even more lovely.

    What endears me most to this website is that the products connect with the customer. I see a lot of handmade products that are lovely but don't scream 'buy me' and I really appreciate the handmade industry.

    I would also expect the gift to be irresistible to the recipient. This is one website I wouldn't let my daughter see me browsing except it were Christmas. So, if you're a parent that loves Hungry Caterpillar or just funky kids stuff that are handmade, you need to visit the site now. Just click away, chocolates can wait honestly :)

  2. How to Get All Your Craft Projects Finished in 2013

    Posted on

    String Burlap - Brown

    Happy New Year craftaholic! Seems like you want 2013 to be different for you with gorgeous, finished crafts. So what have you planned to do differently to achieve your goal? If you're relying on will power then get ready to struggle. However, if struggling is a 2012 move you don't want to try again then read on.

    Polka Dot - White

    The Die Cut Diva is a one stop shop for craftaholics. Craftaholics love craft shops but can be a little lazy in getting off their behinds to walk down to one. I'm one so I know. And that is why I love the Die Cut Diva

    As a crafter and may I add, which is very, very important, a mum to a 4 year old crafter, the Diva knows you must have all your tools on the craft table before you start working.

    Garden Party 8x8

    What do you get when you start making a die cut card without having glue to add some embellishments when done? Another unfinished project aka a boring card.

    Antique Frame

    Is that really how you plan to start the year, with loads of unfinished craft projects? I would say head on to Die Cut Diva, get all the things you need for your project. For a basket full of stuff worth £15, you also get free delivery. Make all your projects come to life. Get organised with the Die Cut Diva in 2013.