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Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.


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  1. Personalised Chocolate GiftsJust a look at the happy customers who have given personalised chocolate as a gift should explain why it's a great gift. However, I will still give you a few more reasons why it's such a great gift:

    - You can tell the giver thought about you. This isn't just about a minute's thought. This is thinking about your likes, dislikes and how well they really know you.
    - It's a pain staking process customising an item, as so much thought goes into putting a message together.
    - It's chocolate. They say 9 out of 10 people like chocolate and the 10th always lies. Chocolate is a language of love. It shows passion and dedication.
    - Your name is on it. It's that important and it can't be shared with any one else. Just think - how many items have you been given with your name specially put on it? It is special.
    - Makes you feel important. This isn't just a scribble on a card. It's your chocolate bar with your name on it.
    - For a change it's not a bill, notice or sales letter bearing your name. It's a special gift to show that you're cared for and you mean a lot to someone.

    In a nutshell, personalised chocolate makes you feel loved, wanted, treasured, special and valued.

    Who do you think deserves to feel this way today? Go ahead and surprise them with a little treat.

  2. I loved Amanda's site the moment I landed there. She has a very welcoming photo of herself and won't be surprised if she has a very loyal male customer base. Her products are even more lovely.

    What endears me most to this website is that the products connect with the customer. I see a lot of handmade products that are lovely but don't scream 'buy me' and I really appreciate the handmade industry.

    I would also expect the gift to be irresistible to the recipient. This is one website I wouldn't let my daughter see me browsing except it were Christmas. So, if you're a parent that loves Hungry Caterpillar or just funky kids stuff that are handmade, you need to visit the site now. Just click away, chocolates can wait honestly :)