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  1. Many of the best solutions to problems are right at our finger tips. We often overthink or over analyse.

    Over - analysis leads to paralysis aka not taking action.

    So, how does one come up with great corporate gift ideas?

    Create a client profile

    Who is the recipient? You really need to write down as much as you can about your client. From the little things like gender to the big things like their age group. This helps you to eliminate automatically many gifts.

    Let's say your recipient(s) is 50 years old and is a man, you might consider stress balls but would definitely not be looking at a cheap plastic pen. Yet you might also have a 35 year old male client. They're clearly not in the same generation (a generation spans 10 years). However, stress is a common denominator so the balls could make a great corporate gift.

    What are their needs?

    Certain aspects of life span across generations such as stress. All adults experience it and so do your clients. However, if your company serves people who travel a lot they might not find stress balls as useful as circulation socks for example. You need to try your best to place yourself in their shoes.

    You could do a survey by emailing them or even send out a tweet or put a post up on Facebook. Nothing beats asking them directly what they wish they had to make their everyday lives easier. 

    How about getting on Google to read their discussions? What are they complaining about? Do you know someone who works in the same industry? Ask them what the key challenges are and find a corporate gifts around it.

    Where are they based?

    At this point you may notice all three steps are intertwined. What you need is largely determined by your location which is  determined by what you do.

    If your clients are IT professionals, expensive pens will remain at the bottom of their laptop bags or in their desk drawer which defeats the whole purpose of staying top of mind. So, those stress balls might actually be the gift you want to send. 

    In addition, sending a corporate hoodie to a client in Florida or Dubai doesn't make sense as it's always so hot. That hoodie might never leave the wardrobe and eventually end up at best in a charity shop.

    While this might make you want to throw your hands up in despair as you think there's no one gift fits all, there's still hope. Start by segmenting your list so that you know what corporate gift ideas will work for most of your clients. Once you can see which clients are the exception, decide on what will work for them and negotiate with your corporate gifts supplier freebies that you can give to these few. This works especially if you're buying a lot of corporate gifts from the supplier. 

    So, start by studying your client list, segment the list and get buying.

    To discuss how personalised chocolates can work as a corporate gift for you, click here.

    Image credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

  2. Christmas Chocolate Personalised

    Believe it or not, we are less than 4 months away from Christmas. 

    Yes, I know you don't like to hear the 'C' word but if planning for Christmas doesn't start now then there will never be Christmas.

    Do you know the image up there was taken last November?

    Yup, I started planning for Christmas 2013 in 2012!

    I didn't really intend to but little things like having a baby took over marketing this range last year.

    So, please don't curse or swear at companies who are already marketing for Christmas.

    They do so only to ensure that your Christmas indeed takes place. Just think of all the logistics involved in transporting raw materials from one place to the other, negotiations on the prices of goods between stores and manufacturers, product testing, the list is endless.

    These things take time and if not started quickly, Christmas 2013 won't be ready till 2014.

    Still not happy to hear the 'C' word already? Leave me a comment saying why.