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Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.

Personalised Chocolates | Personalised Chocolate Bars | Handmade Truffles

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 Tower Nested Boxes in Green Chevron

Design or simply customise your very own chocolate bars. Choose gorgeous themed packaging and rock that event.

Now you can have tons more fun by embedding a video for an even more fun gift.

Personalise chocolate bars to match your branding, with foil colours that compliment your company colours and show the strength of your brand.

Add your logo, colours and choose your flavours. Send in your own design at no extra cost and get your marketing message on its way.

Reward social media interaction with chocolates, run competitions with chocolates and even become Willy Wonka with your own golden tickets.

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Rocking Horse Chocolate

 Children Chocolates


Dessert Table Chocolates

Sweetie tables or dessert tables


Personalised Chocolate Truffles

   Personalised Truffles

Sweetie tables or dessert tables, whatever you call them, there's no doubt that personalised chocolates add more of the bespoke touch than every day supermarket chocolates. 

Plus you can add a special photo to make it even more personalised and bring back the best memories. It's about giving a gift that will be remembered for a long time to come.

You can be sure the chocolates are produced in the UK, taste delicious and support the local economy.

Choose from the very best chocolates in York or exquisitely handmade in Surrey treats using organic fairtrade cocoa.

Planning an event with a sweetie or dessert table? Pop an email across.

Favour bags, hampers and gift boxes are also available.

√ Quality Handmade, Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Available

√ Free Bespoke Designs

*Please read the how to order guide here                          



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Your Personalised Chocolates
Celebrate with style. Personalised chocolates express your values and taste in a way that sets you apart from the crowd. They are simply different. Bespoke chocolate designs stand out and are of course unique. Most importantly the chocolates you will get from here are very high quality sourced from top notch suppliers hand finished or hand made where possible. Whatever your preference of chocolate - milk, white or dark, there's a wide range available to suit your taste.
Our chocolate wrappers are printed in full colour on high quality paper from FSC controlled sources. Printed with high quality laser printers, little ones will not get potentially harmful ink on their fingers as when inkjet printers are used. We work to deliver the highest standards in personalised chocolate delivery. Don't take our word for it - try it out now!

 Why Personalised Chocolate?

Personalised chocolate is a fairly novel idea yet it's such a perfect gift because everybody likes chocolate. It gives the opportunity to present a unique gift. A gift that is especially made just for that special person. Each personalised chocolate wrapper made as a gift is unique because they are hand finished. So, it's a gift full of character made with strength, care and love.

When you decide to give one of our milk or white 10g chocolate bars or any gifts from the Fair Trade organic range as gifts, you will be giving out handmade chocolate bars which have been created with passion and purpose. 

With personalised chocolate bars, you have the opportunity to add your touch in every way. A message can be added on the back and front of the wrapper. In addition, you can insert stickers, small notes or messages such as the Golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can also print on the hidden part of the picture.

The chocolate wrapper can be made to relive precious moments and memories. By adding photos, dates and special wording you can really show the recipient that the gift was made totally with them in mind.

If you run a business, giving out branded chocolates to clients or employees opens up an opportunity to talk about values and preferences. It helps to build rapport and further a relationship where trust and confidence can be established. With a little creativity and minimum fuss, a powerful message can be passed across on chocolate wrappers that will linger for a long time because it has come through a pleasurable medium - chocolate. 

A traditional marketing tool, chocolates have long been used by many charities and are still being used today in coffee shops and restaurants. With the option to personalise the chocolate wrappers now available, charities can easily pass messages in words and pictures that are thought provoking and will not be forgotten easily because of this sweet medium.